Camp Pigott

24225 Woods Creek Road,
Snohomish, WA 98290

2020   May  15, 16, 17




What to bring, Camp Rules,



Webeloree is a weekend camping event packed with events, challenges, fun, and Scouting! Come to see what Boy Scouts Troops do, and participate in the fun.

Who: All Webelo scouts and their adult partners, and all Bear scouts and their adult partners.

When: Friday to Sunday, May 17, 18, 19

Where: Camp Pigott, 24225 Woods Crreek Road, Snohomish, WA 98290

Camp Pigott has camp sites for tent camping. If you don't have a tent, you could borrow one from a friend or family member. Camping in a tent is a great intro to Boy Scouts.

You are responsible to bring and cook your own meals.
Don’t forget something to drink.
Friday evening—Snack and or dinner
Saturday - Breakfast
Saturday - Lunch.
Saturday - Dinner
Sunday - Breakfast
Sunday - snack
(Cooking just one of these meals fulfills a requirement)

To assist your son to the next level of scouting. Get the boys outside. See Boy Scouts in action. They will have the opportunity to challenge themselves, work as a team, be with older boys, enjoy the campfire entertainment, and just plain old have fun.

What if NO ONE else in my den is going?
Then go without them! Meet new friends and have fun doing so. This is a great transitional experience you can have together.
We look forward to seeing you there!

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What to bring - Pack for Rain and Snow

What should I pack?
You might want to pack the following:
*Clothes, for cold, warm, rain or snow.
*Uniform—Leave Webelos Activity pins at home.
*Socks & extra socks
*Hiking boots (if you have them) or extra shoes
*Day pack w/Ten Essentials
*Sleeping bag, warm & sleeping pad
*Pillow, opt.

*Friday night;
Snack or meal
Toothbrush & toothpaste
bath towel, hand towel

Flashlight & batteries
Insect repellent
Webelos Scout Book
Water bottle
Registration paperwork
Camp chair
Cleanup items
Wash basin, detergent,
towels, trash bags,
paper towels
Cooking gear
Stove, Propane
Water jugs
Mess kit
Cooking equipment, pots, spoons, silverware, plate

NO campfires except in designated areas (if allowed)
NO wading or going near lake
NO gasoline or accelerators;
propane used only w/adult supervision
(locked up when not in use)
NO weapons (firearms, sheath knives, paintball)
with whittling chip card, you may carry scout knife
NO Smoking on facility
NO alcoholic beverages
NO generators
NO cutting of trees.
Must be one adult per scout to stay within BSA policy
Buddy system at all times!

1) Adults can only use lavatories when youth are not present.
2) No adult can stay in a tent with any youth other their own.
3) We treat everyone respectfully with our words & actions.
4) No climbing trees.
5) Buddy system at all times
6) No roaming of camping areas
7) No rough play.
Stay away from the lake. Scouts must have adult to fish in lake.

Building with separate Male / Female facilities
Water spiggots
(bring water carrier/bucket) for cooking, clean-up

Teams can have tents.
Father & son teams
Mother & son teams

If members of your den come, all accommodations will be made to keep your group together.

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Webeloree Schedule Tentative
Friday Activity Location / notes
5:30 - 8 pm Arrive at Camp Check into camp.
5:30 to 9 pm Set up Camp  
8 pm Welcome assembly Webelos and
their adults only
8:30 pm Capture the Flag With Boy Scouts in Field
10:30 pm Taps - Lights out  
7 am Reveille  
7 am to 8 am Breakfast In campsite
8 am Opening Ceremony Parade Field
9 am to 12 pm Webelos Program - Morning  
12 pm to 2 pm Lunch at your campsite.
Bring your own food.
2 pm to 5pm Webelos Program - Afternoon  
5:30 to 6:30 pm Dinner - Bring your own food  
6:30 pm to 7:30 Evening Challenge  
7:30 pm Scoutmaster & Senior Patrol Leader Race Parade Field
8:00 pm End of day assembly Parade Field
8:30 pm Campfire, flag retirement  
10:30 pm Taps  
7 am Reveille  
7 am to 8 am Breakfast  
7 am to Noon Pack out  
8:00 am morning assembly Parade Field
8:30 to 9:30 am Interfaith Service  
9:45 to 10:45 am Boy Scout Relay Races  
11:00 am Closing Ceremony Parade Field
12 noon Camp Closed  

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All though you have an opportunity to earn requirements during this event, this is not the focus of Webeloree. Our focus is giving the boys a look of what Boy Scouting is, and what's a better way of doing that then with you by his side. Come have fun and help your son with the next step in scouting.

No one on the camporee staff will sign off on advancement. Advancement sign off is the responsibility of the den leader or another designated adult leader.

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